Bunnings community contribution | A big hit with the kids!

Bunnings Ballina community contribution | A big hit with the kids!

There was a beautiful new addition to Nestle In Alstonville Child Care Centre this week; an addition that our children were very excited about. A delivery arrived and not because it’s Christmas. An azure blue roof, aqua walls detailed with tropical green leaves and punctuated with sandy peach doors and windows, made this Bunnings play-house a standout feature in the room. This vibrant gift was bestowed with kindness from the team at Bunnings, Ballina for no other reason than ‘just because’.  

Wonderful Playhouse

As part of their corporate citizenship program Bunnings provide positive value within each store’s local community. Part of this commitment is to provide ‘meaningful and active participation’ with a focus that includes schools and kindergartens. As you can imagine, we were overwhelmed with gratitude when the Ballina store decided to gift us with such a wonderful playhouse.

Beyond bringing joy to our little ones this gift has far greater reach, in that it is meaningful to our children’s development. Play, or cubby-houses are a place for children to retreat and let their imagination run wild. 

A space where unstructured play can take place, fostering creativity that ultimately improves cognitive skills required throughout life. As Peter Gray, author of Free To Learn, said, “Unleashing the instinct to play will make our children happier, more self reliant and better students for life.” 

This incredible play-house was buzzing with social activity, as our little ones explored it and played together. It definitely brought us a few giggles as we observed the different characters the kids assumed, impersonating their parents and some of our teachers too! Listening to our little ones experimenting with language and the social and emotional roles of life is a key developmental shift that we encourage, and a lot of fun for us to observe as teachers too. It’s incredible to watch the kids develop empathy, and responsibility through the practice and pleasure of creative play.

If you didn’t already know, Bunnings conduct many activities with local schools and kindergartens, including a Schools Sustainability Program, Grow Your Own gardening activities and a range of other initiatives. Their contributions to schools and communities are greatly valued.

We are immensely grateful to Bunnings for making our kids happy – just because!