Our Philosophy

Childcare Centre

Our Philosophy

At Alstonville Nestle In Education & Care Centre, the care and education we provide is underpinned by the National Quality Standards (NQS), Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), the Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics and the United Nations Convention of the rights of the child. This encompassed with each educators’ personal philosophy and ethical beliefs, we strive for children to be cared and educated in a safe, inspiring and nurturing environment. Each child brings their own knowledge, personalities, strengths and culture which we endeavour to “support” through warm, purposeful interactions with learning possibilities.

We believe children learn best through play where educators participate as co-learners, scaffolding developmental skills. Our curriculum recognises children’s individual voices in all aspects which is documented through programs, observations and developmental summaries. This allows educators to plan for children’s ongoing interests and stages of development. We believe relationships with children, families and the community are paramount for positive learning experiences and to set children up for success as active citizens. Educators value the importance of routine and structure when planning the daily program to ensure children have a strong sense of security and well-being. We recognise us, as educators, are valued as children’s second ‘teacher’, parents being the first, and the learning environment is the third.

When considering the environment as the ‘third teacher’, it is set up to allow for positive social interactions, learning experiences and purposeful play. We recognise the importance of a sustainable environment for the future, reflected in our programs and practices.

Smaller group sizes allow for individual and group interests to flourish naturally and progressively at different paces. We strive to consider inclusive practises from orientation to resources and interactions so all children, families and educators feel welcome and respected in our centre. Continuity of educators assist to bridge the gap between home and centre with the provision of a curriculum, based on family culture, children’s interest and emerging development.

Our preschool program allows for a successful smooth transition to school where early literacy and numeracy skills as well as self-help, social and emotional skills are embedded through play and fostering a love of learning.

We believe when children transition from the centre they will have a positive, happy, healthy and confident outlook on their childhood and future development.

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