Toddlers (2-3 years)

Childcare Centre Alstonville

Star Fish


In the toddler program we begin to structure a daily routine.

Beginning with family grouping where the children play together in the outdoor environment, which includes in the sandpit, on the climbing equipment, at art/craft stations and through reading books, the bonding time is important for the development of social and behavioural skills.

Children then experience whole centre group time, which includes songs and a story. Each group is then transitioned to their own programs where the Starfish Toddlers wash their hands thoroughly, and have morning tea.

Toileting and nappy routines are reflected throughout the day.

We move into group time reflecting a key interest and learning concept, before we move into programmed experiences, which are play-based. This is where experiences are set up to completely support the developing needs of the children. The activities are planned based on the children’s interests and more importantly, result from our stringent planning process –

Based on the EYLF curriculum document, we use key aspects such as: Observe and Interpret.

Our Starfish environment is purpose set up with a range of “play centres” which children are free to move around, from experience to experience, where they will be scaffolded or supported to engage with that experience.

Children are beginning to be aware of what is in their environment now, and they learn about how to care for it, and protect it.

Children are also egocentric at this stage of development, and therefore they are beginning to learn the concepts of sharing, negotiation and early stages of decision making. The Nestle In Alstonvile toddlers are also developing spatial awareness, so are beginning to understand how their bodies fit in space.

Children then have a rest time, or for non-sleepers / early risers, table top activities are available, including puzzles, cognitive experiences and drawing.

Next, the Starfish will head outside, for our Programmed Outside Experiences, before having afternoon tea, and then finishing up with family grouping.

If you have any questions relating to our Starfish Toddler Program at Nestle In Alstonville, we’d love to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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